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Beyond soothing, the renewing power of Life Plankton™.
This natural micro-organism holds the secret of resilience, resisting 3 billion years of changes, managing to adapt and reinforce itself.

Infused at its highest concentration of 5%, in Life Plankton™, Sensitive Emulsion makes skin stronger and helps sensitive skin day after day to protect it from damages caused by environmental aggressors.

Overtime, skin becomes less reactive, more even, beautiful and looks healthier.

9 women out of 10 noticed their skin transformed after 1 week of use.
10,000.00 Ks
10000.0 MMK
The new daily moisturizer that plumps skin up. New highly dense gel texture so plumping even fine lines are pushed away. Full of moisture, replenished and strengthened, skin gets incredible smoothness.
A breakthrough texture feels like a gel but 2X more charged in active ingredients vs. Biotherm regular moisturizer. Blue Hyaluron™, a natural Hyaluronic Acid plumper born from aquatic biology, glycerine and further hydrating actives, penetrate fast. In seconds skin is dewy smooth & fully moisturized from morning to evening*.
In 1 week, lines are plumped away*.

Suitable for sensitive skins, can be used on the eye contours.
10,000.00 Ks
10000.0 MMK
Biotherm Age Fitness Lotion is active anti-ageing lotion with green and blue micro-algae extracts.

It helps to revitalize, even and prepare the skin surface before applying gel.

- Anti-ageing properties
- Light and fresh texture
- Instant absorption
- Non-greasy
- Does not leave sticky film
60,690.00 Ks
60690.0 MMK
FORCE SUPREME Lotion for comfort on skin. Its formula with Cedar Bud Extract & Pro-Xylane leaves skin looking firm, comfortable and bright. Ideal for men concerned about signs of aging. Can be worn alone or used to prepare the skin to receive its anti-aging care. Fast absorbing and non-greasy.
-Anti aging lotion with focused action on the surface of the skin.
-Helps prepare the skin to receive its anti aging treatments.
-Alcohol and paraben free for ultimate comfort on the skin.
For men 40 plus years old who are concerned about wrinkles and the signs of aging and are searching for the best solution to keeping their skin looking young.
78,030.00 Ks
78030.0 MMK
This fresh gel clears and purifies the skin deep down. It contains polishing grains to gently scrub away dead skin cells to help prevent ingrown hairs.
A fresh gel texture that contains tiny gentle particles.
Leaves the skin clean, revitalized and restores a healthy glow.
47,685.00 Ks
47685.0 MMK
The ocean’s energy locked in a unique fragrance. An all-over fresh aquatic body spray with ocean water. Experience an intense revitalizing sensation inspired by breaking waves.
76,500.00 Ks
76500.0 MMK

Step 3 of BIOTHERM's Aquapower Hydration Programme, this ultra-hydrating moisturizer is specially designed for keeping skin constantly quenched.
It contains the equivalent of 5,000 litres of Thermal Spa Water in every bottle. Plus, it is rich in vitamins B, C, E and trace elements to keep your skin balanced and regenerated. Apply this ultra-moisturising light gel moisturiser to instantly quench, cool and soothe your skin while keeping it hydrated for 24 hours, non-stop. Use daily and your skin will never feel parched or dry again.
An aquatic, green-water gel with a highly-invigorating and refreshing texture and scent for men.
Quenched and refreshed skin.
Non-stop moisturized skin.
Healthier and stronger skin.
81,090.00 Ks
81090.0 MMK
Start your anti-aging routine with Age Fitness Advanced cleanser. Enriched with green and blue micro-algae extracts, it purifies, mattifies and tightens pores. Your skin is clean and fresh, ready for the Age Fitness Advanced day care.
Fresh gel that transforms into a creamy foam.
Refines pores: 83% *
Skin feels cleaner and clearer: 82% *
Skin looks clarified: 88% *
* Self-assessments after 4 weeks. 74 Asian men: 30 to 44 years old.
52,020.00 Ks
52020.0 MMK

Step 1 of BIOTHERM's Force Supreme Age Corrective Programme, this gentle daily cleanser with blue micro-particles helps to gently exfoliate and smoothen the skin for a smoothing and squeaky clean effect.
A creamy texture that contains gentle blue-micro exfoliating particles. Easy wash-off.
Skin is perfectly cleansed with a squeaky clean effect. Day after day, the skin is “resurfaced” and smoothened out.
63,751.00 Ks
63751.0 MMK
This powerful double-action cleanser effectively removes impurities while refreshing your skin daily. It's ultra-cleansing fresh gel formula, with a combination of oligo-elements and potent cleansing agents, leaves the skin soft, comfortable and exceptionally fresh.

You skin is ideally prepared for shaving. Use daily under the shower or on wet skin.

Discover the full Aquapower range for a comprehensive face care routine.
47,685.00 Ks
47685.0 MMK

The 1st daily protection formulated for men, which combines a broad spectrum SPF50/PA+++ and an ultra light texture. An ultra-light texture that leaves skin feeling fresh and moisturised, while protecting it against the harsh UV rays. Intensive and effective protection from harmful effects of UVA/UVB sun rays with Mexoryl SX and XL filters.
Formulated to be an ultra light texture. It is non-greasy, non-shiny, non-white finish and instantly absorbed into skin.
The skin is efficiently protected from UV rays and dark spots apparition. It stays matte without shine. Day after day, the skin tone is brighter and unified.
125,715.00 Ks
125715.0 MMK

First correcting + soothing anti-blemish concentrate that is tough on imperfections, yet gentle on skin.
A winning combination that acts to reduce pimples, breakouts and ingrown hairs while simultaneously soothing redness and sensations of irritations.
71,655.00 Ks
71655.0 MMK
T-Pur cleanser helps to protect against skin shine and control excess sebum. Skin is mattified and feels neat and clean. The formula, with sea algae extract and zinc, helps to absorb excess sebum. The clay-like texure helps cleanse the skin of impurities.

Skin looks more purified, cleaner, healthier for 87% of men
Impurities are eliminated with a gentle effect for 86% of men
Pores are emptied of their impurities for 83% of men
Pores looks tightened, less visible for 77% of men

*Self- assessment - % of satisfaction – 86 subjects – 4 weeks use

Follow the 3 step T-PUR program:
1. a cleanser that removes impurities
2. a lotion that reduces the look of pores
3. a moisturizer that matifies all day long
41,310.00 Ks
41310.0 MMK
This light-weight moisturizing mattifying gel brings a clean skin effect that last all day long.

With sea algae extract + zinc and perlite, this gel absorbs shine to help skin look fresher and more matt. No more shiny skin provoked by excess oil and sweat.

Skin looks more matte for 90% of men
Skin appears less sweaty for 92% of men
Skin feels clean like after-wash for 86% of men
Skin looks fresher for 84% of men

Follow the 3 step T-PUR program for optimal efficacy:
1. a cleanser that neutralizes impurities
2. a lotion that tightens pores
3. a moisturizer that mattifies all day long
65,025.00 Ks
65025.0 MMK

Biotherm Homme creates Aquapower 72h: its 1st concentrated glacial skincare to lock moisture in for up to 72h.
This long-duty hydrator pushes the limits of hydration by preventing skin from drying out for up to 72 hours after application.
Aquapower 72H works to add moisture at the surface and locking in hydration. Skin feels protected against dehydration and external conditions such as pollution, heat and humidity that can dry it out.
Its ultra-light and aquatic texture delivers continuous hydration with an intense freshness sensation.
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78,030.00 Ks
78030.0 MMK

Biotherm Homme develops a multi-corrective cream, specially designed for the 40+ skincare, to act on all visible signs of aging. Taking advantage of the Biotherm expertise, Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream helps reshape the skin layer by layer and restore strength and youth appearance to men's skin.

This tri-active multi-layers concentrate of NEW Youth Algae™ extract, Life Plankton™ and Pro-Xylane comes in a non-sticky cream texture that can be used everyday. Skin feels firmer and more even.
138,720.00 Ks
138720.0 MMK
Protection "In": Pure Thermal Plankton stimulates natural self-defense mechanisms for reinforced cellular protection and soothes skin. It is combined with the D-TOX complex to neutralize "epidermal toxins" which could impair skin's natural glow.
Unique Supra light finish, non-greasy, non-shiny, non-white, comfortable texture.
Instantly, skin feels fresher and looks more radiant. Ideally protected throughout the day and detoxified, it rediscovers a clear and even finish.
76,000.00 Ks
76000.0 MMK
The 1st milky lotion to associate all the activity of 5,000 liters of thermal spring water with the pure power of pink Himalayan slat for: Protection "In": Pure Thermal Plankton stimulates natural self-defense mechanisms for reinforced cellular protection and soothes skin. It is combined with the D-TOX complex to neutralize "epidermal toxins" which could impair skin's natural glow.
- 24 hours hydration: the Hydra Non Stop Complex combines bio-liqids and 2 essential amino acids (serine and citruline) to strengthen the skin barrier, acting like micro-sponges fixing water as close as possible to the cells.
- Restore skin's natural balance: Himilayan pink salt, atrue concentrate of over 70 trace minerals esssential to cellular life, stimulates the skin's natural ability to hydrate itself.
RESULTS: Skin is revitalized, soft, perfectly quenched and primed for the next step in the care routine or for make-up.
63,240.00 Ks
63240.0 MMK
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