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Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser 15ml
Fresh Calming Toner 25ml
Fresh Calming Serum 10ml

1. Moisturizing healthy skincare
Plant-derived rich extracts instantly soothe skin and keep skin moisturized and healthy by strengthening the moisture barrier with deep seawater

2. Refreshing feel
The oil-free texture provides a refreshing feel perfect for use as toner pack

3. Low-irritant, gentle toner

4-free cleanser passed dermatological tests, hypo-allergy tests completed
(4 FREE: mineral oil/ animal-based ingredients / synthetic coloring/ triethanolamine)
15,000.00 Ks 15000.0 MMK
Essential Balancing Emulision Moisture 25ml
Essential Power Skin Refiner Moisture 25ml
Water Sleeping Mask Laventer 15ml
10,000.00 Ks 10000.0 MMK
Wash-off type Peeling Mask gently removes dead skin cells and makes skin feel smooth and moisturized with ingredients such as Strawberry Seeds and soft konjac granules
When skin needs dead skin cell care, Texture care pink serum makes skin feel smooth and moisturized

1. Soft skin texture care cream with visible Strawberry Seeds
Ingredients such as Strawberry Seeds and soft, small konjac granules provide a massage effect and effectively remove dead skin cells after washing the face.

2. Wash-off moisturizing Peeling Mask without making skin feel dry
After washing the face, massage skin and wash off with water to make skin texture feel smooth and moisturized instantly.

3. Malic acid AHA Peeling Mask for a gentle massage
The ingredient of plant-derived malic acid AHA makes the cornified layer healthy and elastic and removes flaky dead skin cells.
25,000.00 Ks 25000.0 MMK
Moisturizing toner with light, refreshing texture; removes impurities from the pores and refines skin surface to help achieve clean, healthy-looking skin.
35,000.00 Ks 35000.0 MMK
Scrub cleansing that tidies up the surface of skin and deep cleanses the pores by removing excessive shiny sebum and stubborn dead skin cells from skin
29,000.00 Ks 29000.0 MMK
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