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By Best149
A brightening* emulsion that suppresses melanin production to prevent dark spots and freckles. Provides clear brightness for silky smooth and visibly radiant skin.

<Whitening Emulsion>


●Active brightening* ingredient: permeating vitamin C*1
●Moisturizing ingredients: collagen, hyaluronic acid, niacin*2, apricot extract, kiwi extract

*1 L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside
*2 Nicotinic acid amide
26,200.00 Ks
26200.0 MMK
By Best149
A moisturizing emulsion that infuses moisture deep onto the stratum corneum. Provides supple firmness for silky smooth and visibly radiant skin.

<Moisture Emulsion>

●Moisturizing ingredients: double collagen*1, hyaluronic acid
●Moisturizing/keratin-softening ingredients: apricot extract, kiwi extract
●Moisturizing/keratin-protecting ingredient: niacin

*1 Hydrolyzed collagen, water-soluble collagen
26,200.00 Ks
26200.0 MMK
By Best149
An extra rich moisturizing emulsion that provides care for aging skin*. Provides supple firmness to make skin silky smooth and visibly radiant.

<Moisture Emulsion>


Moisturizing ingredients: coenzyme Q10*1, double collagen*2, hyaluronic acid
Moisturizing/keratin softening ingredients: apricot extract, kiwi extract
Moisturizing/keratin protection ingredient: niacin

*1 Ubiquinone
*2 Hydrolyzed collagen, water-soluble collagen

26,200.00 Ks
26200.0 MMK
Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsoin Moisture 25ml
Laneige Essential Power Skin Refiner Moisture 25ml
10,000.00 Ks
10000.0 MMK
Triple Hyaluronic Acids give your skin an extra boost of hydration. Hyaluronic Acid helps to prevent the invasion of germs and toxins and it’s excellent in skin regeneration. Adenosine and Niacinamide help to whiten your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
56,000.00 Ks
56000.0 MMK
Honey Extract from the pristine are, Jiri Mt, Green Propolis, Propolis and Royal Jelly help to make your skin extremely hydrated and provide nutrients into the skin for a healthier skin complexion.
56,000.00 Ks
56000.0 MMK
_Help reduces the number and appearance of dark spots while improving the complexion transparency.
_ Exceptional results proven under dermatological supervision.
_Can be applied on the eye contour area.
_Contains at least 94% ingredients of natural origin. (With Stargazer Lily, White Crocus, Porcelain Rose)
43,500.00 Ks
43500.0 MMK
Calms Down And Moisturizes Your Skin

Water-full Skin Refresher: This toner contains an ample amount of fermented bamboo sap, which is absorbed instantly, calms down and moisturizes your skin.
Water-full Rebalancing Gel Lotion: This gel-type lotion, with its refreshing finishing texture, contains enriched, fermented bamboo sap and moisturizes your skin as if a touch of water drop remains at your skin even after use.
Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream: This gel-type cream, with its light and cool texture, provides freshness to your skin, which has become dull and tired from strong UV rays and dry surroundings.
180,000.00 Ks
180000.0 MMK
Hypo-allergic gel type emulsion with sunflower seed extract and porous powder for controlling excessive sebum secretion and moisturizing skin to realize hydrated and fresh skin.
39,000.00 Ks
39000.0 MMK
[Anti-aging Function] Nutrient emulsion with trehalose for holding skin moisture tightly and meadowfoam seed & shea butter for forming soft nutrient layer
25,000.00 Ks
25000.0 MMK
[Whitening Function] Refreshing emulsion with abundant moisture for remaining long-lasting hydrating effect and promoting instant skin elasticity with light texture
23,000.00 Ks
23000.0 MMK

A fine emulsion which ensures radiance and fairness all day long. Nourishes and softens the skin. Moisturizes and comforts.

The complexion is brighter, more radiant and dark spots are visibly diminished.
Nourishes and moisturises skin.
121,380.00 Ks
121380.0 MMK
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